Assignments Refs

Lecture notes for 08/24/16
Lecture notes for 09/2/16

Lecture notes on quadrature, I
Lecture notes on quadrature, II

Sine Transform Notes and SOV
Sigal Gottlieb's article about the history of the Gibb's phenomenon
Gibb's phenomenon demo: reconstructing a square wave

First set of notes for the heat equation via finite-differences.
Notes on timestepping for the heat equation.
Notes on our heat equation experiment - data and code.

Some review questions for Midterm 1.

Notes for weighted residual methods.
Tarfile with codes for weighted residual methods.

More extentsive notes for weighted residual methods, including boundary condition formulations.
Notes on Poisson equation in 2D and 3D.
Additional notes on Galerkin method in 1D and 2D.
Lecture notes on Galerkin method in 2D.
Lecture notes on Galerkin method in 2D, deformed domains.

Demo code --- wrt_deform.m --- for deformed-geometry Poisson problem.